Starting to write the thesis!

Perhaps I’m a bit crazy (all good scholars are in some way, right?), but I’ve recently started writing my thesis. And, oddly enough, it’s actually been rather exciting.

What, what? How? Exciting? What?!

Well okay. For me, anyway, the most fun is finally being able to put together all of the connections I’ve made between sources and presenting new and hitherto unused primary sources. It’s fun and exciting when sources and ideas come together and click, especially when it occurs in ways that I’d never have imagined before. It’s also really exciting to show what you’ve found with your reader, especially if it garners interest in your topic area.

Who knows, a few months from now I may even regret this post as the euphoria dissipates and deadlines become so much more concrete and finite. But until then, I’m super excited to break open Word and get thesising!

I also want to share two resources I’ve come across that have been incredibly useful in conceptualizing my work, as well as guiding me along the way:

The Thesis Whisperer has a lot of great content relating to writing a PhD, along with guests posts on a variety of topics. Some of my favorite posts has been Masters Students: Second Class Citizens or Academic Geniuses in the Making? (possibly because I’m doing my MA :p), Turn your notes into writing using the Cornell method (the Cornell method has been one of the most useful tricks of the trade I’ve picked up and I highly recommend trying it out!) and finally The Valley of Shit and the follow-up post The Mountain of Happy.

Explorations of Style has some really fantastic posts  about writing style, and my favorite series of posts is related to doing “reverse outlines“. I’ve found the method listed out is very useful and I highly recommend heading over there and taking a look.


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